Construction Cleaning

Cleaning is important in any environment and construction sites are no exception. Over the last ten years, Swaincorp has developed the highest skill cleaning techniques to avoid all the common mistakes made by other cleaning services. We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning and construction cleaning. 

Successful construction projects depend on delivery of a finished structure that is both well built and perfectly clean. Safety and security are top considerations in post construction cleaning. The risks of job accidents, damaged materials and poor outcomes can add to cost overruns, delays and upset investors.

Construction cleaning presents a significant challenge. Swaincorp know how critical it is to deliver a professional service and handle this type of environmental cleaning with the utmost care. When we come in to clean, our clients know that we will use products that deliver effective results in a wide range of applications. 

Your Swaincorp construction cleaning team is equipped to handle all cleaning challenges at desired stages of your construction project and after the project is completed.

We provide high detail top-to-bottom cleaning services including:

  • Cleaning walls, doors, fittings and fixtures
  • Removing labels and stickers
  • Polishing and burnishing
  • High dusting
  • Floor care and floor sealing services
  • Window cleaning and mirror cleaning
  • Exterior entrance cleaning
  • Cleaning inside storage areas and shelves
  • Removing any and all debris, dirt and refuse

Preparing buildings for takeover by new owners requires deep care and high attention to detail. Swaincorp focus on making sure every corner and aspect of a construction cleaning project is well attended to and will reflect well on the builder and designer.